Friday, October 28, 2011

Climbing Hold Sale to "The Edge"

So in between the long work weeks, outdoor climbing sessions, and life in general, I have been mass producing indoor climbing holds for Adam over at "The Edge" in Halfmoon, NY.

This state of the art indoor climbing gym, equipped with seemless foam flooring, numerous toprope stations, a sick lead wall, and a massive boulder with various angles that is top out capable is set to open on November 14, 2011.  Hopefully I will make it in an some point this weekend to give the guys some help setting routes and boulder problems.

Pictured here is a small sample of the the many holds that I have made for the new gym.  Psyched to climb on them soon!


  1. November 14th? Didn't realize the grand opening was coming so soon. Is he planning any sort of grand opening event, or is it going to be relatively quiet?

  2. Jut, I've already put up a few problems featuring your holds, and I must say you have quite a talent for it! The shapes, texture, color, man its sick.

  3. Hey Jut! These holds are AWESOME! I love the crimps man, incut... you'll see a problem full of them on the 45 by opening day. More than any of the crimps and any of the hand holds you're making, I must say I LOVE your foot holds. By far the best of any company i've seen. We got a ton in from egrips and from rockcandy and im telling you man, they need some lessons from you. The textured incut balls make setting small feet on incut walls so much easier. Thanks a ton man! Love it all