Monday, October 24, 2011

Weekend Update...

Okay so unfortunately I personally was not able to make the trip north to see the boulders at Second Pond and the surrounding landscape for myself.  Jeremy Haas had put me in contact with a professional photographer named Tomas Donoso ( who has been working on a potential article for Rock and Ice on the Adirondacks.  Jeremy had recently done some work with Tomas at various cliffs throughout the Adirondack Park and Tomas was urged by one of the magazine editors to get some supplemental bouldering photographs as well for the piece.

I took Friday off from work to meet up with Tomas for the first time and to show him what I could  bouldering-wise in the southern portion of the park.  We didn't get any help from the weather on Friday or Saturday and were only able to get a handful of photos so we continued into yesterday to wrap up his Adirondack bouldering photography for now...something tells me Tomas will be back in the near future.

The crew who did venture north to explore the forests around Saranac Lake have hinted that there is a large abundance of rock, some of which they definately thought was worth the efforts to clean and develop.  Rumors have it that some of the boulders they unearthed are too large too even contemplate bouldering!  Check out bing maps in the immediate area, there is rock everywhere around Saranac Lake!  I am still optimistic about what could be in those woods.

So, with all of the recent climbing (5 solid bouldering sessions in the past 8 days), the mass producing of indoor climbing holds for the new climbing gym in Halfmoon, NY that is about to open (, the 50 hour work week in the office, and the non-stop hunt for the next climbing destiny...I APPOLOGIZE FOR FALLING BEHIND ON THE BLOG UPDATES!!!  I have some great pictures, videos, and stories to post and will get to them as soon as possible.

In the meantime, here is a short video of some of the other boulder problems I was able to do back on Saturday October 8, 2011 when the crew rolled into the Snowy Mountain Boulders in Indian Lake, NY.  Special thanks to Sullivan for the sweet fish eye videos!


  1. Be sure to let us know if that article makes it into Rock and Ice.


  2. Jut, that new Snowy vid is by far the best-produced local video I've ever seen. The fish eye filming made some of those problems look amazing, and the music was awesome too.

    Anyway, I ran into your friend Tomas today at Nine Corners and gave him a full tour. Conditions were absolutely prime and we went on a tear together. We climbed most of the classics, and he seemed really psyched on the place by the end of the day. Awesome dude, I'm really looking forward to his article!