Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Weekend Update...Little Falls, New York

All of this recent rain had me a bit depressed...

I needed a break from all the time spent indoors at my office job and the shop mass producing climbing holds; some fresh air to help clear my thoughts and regain my focus and psych on rock climbing.  Sunday morning I woke up to a beautiful blue sky so I quickly got on the phone to  make some last minute plans.  Pooler, Banta, and I ended up running to Little Falls before the rain showed back up to spoil the fun...

Here's what we did...


  1. The cave looks awesome! I loved the ending...I thought the video was over and then you dropped down like Mario.


  2. I love that line at the cave. So fun!

    I think the "Unknown V3/V4" in the first vid is called Poseidon... though I'm not sure who told me that (probably Peaches, back in the day).

  3. Ha ha...thanks for the comments guys. The down climb from the top of the cave is a straight up warp zone, Mario Bros. for sure!

  4. Poller looks stronger than ever. I like to see that.