Thursday, October 13, 2011

A Tribute to Kenneth D. Murphy...


Just a little shout out to keep your psych levels high.  Rest up champ, you'll be bouldering again before you know it!  We all miss the Kid.

Reservoir Rocks:  Great Barrington MA circa 2007

On Top of the Chapel Pond Slab...solo climb on Memorial Day 2009

A stern handshake during the first annual Nine Corners Lake Bouldering Comp:  2011

Kenneth D. Murphy tearing it up!


  1. Out of the gutter and back on the streets - steady plumpin misses the KiD

  2. No doubt, the KiD has been my idol for years!

  3. Ha ha, where has that pumpkin hat been? That's probably why you're currently injured, no hat no strength

  4. Strong as hell and inspires me to be a better climber and person. Laff murph laffff