Saturday, October 8, 2011

Snowy Mountain Boulders and a wonderful October Day...

There was a lot of hype this week as to where the crew was going to go to rock climb today.  The conditions looked prime and after a previous weekend of torential downspours, everyone was ready to get out and crush.  The majority vote was for the Snowy Mountain boulders, some people had projects they hoped to clean up, some people had never seen these boulders and some of the guys were psyched to camp out after a day of bouldering to trek into the main cliff on Sunday to get on "Redneck on a Rope" and "Vertebrae"...(Mitch and Sully you guys are animals and I give you a lot of credit!)

Two guys in the group had never seen the boulders at Snowy Mountain and I was very excited to show off these amazing glacial erratics.  We were certain that it was impossible to over-hype the quality of the established climbs and knew that everyone would enjoy the day in the woods.

Conditions were stellar despite the unusually warm October day (probably 80 degrees at the peak of the day).  The energy level stayed high all day as we moved through the boulderfield, partially because Sully was brewing fresh expresso like it was his job and partially because everyone was crushing!  The highlight for me was what transpired on the last boulder of the day, after countless hours of bouldering.  Everyone was stoke on "Never Been To Hueco" and putting in repetitive solid attempts but with no luck on a complete send.  To help give everyone a bit of rest, I jumped on the variation to the left known as "Never Left Hueco" and after sticking the big dyno and topping out, everyone's attention turned to this wonderfully dynamic boulder problem.  I was so pysched to see both Brad and Banta stick the crux dyno and top the boulder problem out...absolutely EPIC and the kind of effort and determination that keeps me psyched on rock climbing.

A shout out is in order for Ryan Pooler and John Sullivan.  Pooler recently constructed an indoor wall in his garage with the help of Sully and ever since its completion, these two have been clocking some serious training hours in on the wall...let me tell you guys, it is paying off BIG TIME!  Pooler looked like a lock off master and climbed better than I have ever seen him climb and Sully was straight up mean muggin grips and deciphering quality, hard boulder problems!


I cannot wait for the next crew session.

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  1. I'm so psyched that you posted that Never Left video. Zac, Heather, and I were actually planning on hitting Snowy today but we backed off because of the heat.

    Never Left is the main thing I'm excited for up there. Glad to have some visual beta now! Great sending and nice post, sounds like it was a stellar day!

  2. Ha ha, that one spotter was so pumped up when the guy topped that boulder out. I like to see that kind of energy, keep it up fellas!

  3. Ha, that spotter was "Sully" and he's always pumped up for the local crew, especially when we send!

    Andy I was actually wondering if you were going to be up there on Saturday by chance, last time I was there was last November and you just happened to stop up for a few hours. "Never Left" is really fun, you will crush that big move to the lip! I also have a few nice projects to work on up there and am led to believe that there is much more rock in those woods...I mean there has to be, right???

  4. Agreed! Satellite imagery is awful in that area but the topography looks perfect for boulder fields. Within a mile of the known boulders I'm sure there's another set or two. That's an area I'm set on exploring this winter for sure.

    Cool that you've got some projects left up there -- I'm psyched to try 'em! Finally feeling strong again, we need to get out and crush together!

  5. I want to climb boulders again.....the kid

  6. Thanks for all of the recent posts! After seeing all of your recent posts and reading through most of JP's blog I can't wait to get a crash pad and start doing some stuff outside of the gym.