Sunday, November 27, 2011

Friday November 25, 2011 @ Great Barrington. MA

Lingering snow melt in the Caroga Lake region and complete snow cover all points north forced us to head south for some climbing.  It turned out to be a beautiful, seasonably warm autumn day in the woods with a sizeable crew of climbers.  Lots of psych and lots of sending!

Media Update:

D. Pinto on "Scary Mantello"

Mitch Hoffman on "The Crystal Problem"

"The Green Goddess"

"The Green Goddess"

Banta on "The Green Goddess"

Murph styling a nice looking V8 Arete


  1. Looks like another week without any comments...

  2. A great weekend at GB lots of good energy and sends.

    Pinto is the strongest kid in the world.
    Commander is more legit than ever getting some classics done.
    Mitchell is bringing the gangster vibe.

    all stayed real

  3. Nice to see a different location. The place looks nice. Are the problems listed in any guidebook/online, or do you just need to get the info from someone who has climbed there?

    Kind of off topic, but do you ever boulder in Keene? I've been up there twice the past few weeks and I have seen a ton of boulders off the road. The landings looks a little iffy with some steep slopes and close rocks, but if you have enough pads and a couple spotters I think there's potential for some nice problems.

  4. The problems for Great Barrington, MA AKA "Reservoir Rocks" are not available in print or online like numerous other Mass. climbing locations. Currently there is no agreement between local land owners, the Town of Great Barrington, and recreation groups so Great Barrington is officially "closed" to climbing and has been for the past few years.

    As for Keene, I am especially interested in the talus along Rt. 73 as you approach Chapel Pond. Some friends of mine have done some limited development in these area and have reported tons of bouldering potential. It is HIGH on my priority list for Spring 2012 development efforts. State land, easy access, good location, car side camping...all leads to DESTINY!!!