Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The Edge-Halfmoon Update...

Media Update for the New Gym:


  1. heard the gym was good but the setting was terrible.

  2. Are you taking a direct dig at someone in particular? Have you climbed on any of the routes or boulder problems? I personally have only climbed on some of the set boulder problems and none of the routes yet, but what I have climbed has been pretty fun/challenging/varied...pretty much what I always look for in a gym setting.

    Why don't you get out from behind the anonymous smoke screen, head into the gym, and set some routes or boulder problems that aren't so terrible. There is a bunch of unused space still and lots of holds, plus Adam is always game for someone to help out with setting.

    Damn haters...step up and get what you want out of climbing

  3. the setting seemed pretty good, but the gym could use more problems. I was not able to traverse for very long on the free standing boulder due to a lack of climbing holds

  4. The problems/routes were a little disappointing at first, but the boulder and walls are starting to fill. I don't know about the higher grades, but there are at least 14 problems V2+ and under. That's great compared to the other gyms around!