Friday, December 16, 2011

Pottersville: December 3, 2011

On Saturday December 3, 2011 I headed north past Pottersville with Mitch, Sully, and Pooler to check out the potential for new boulder problems at Round Pond in Keene Valley.  Our psych levels lowered once we hit exit 30 not because of the lack of boulders, but because Keene had gotten an inch of fresh powder the night before.

We were unable to climb anything new but did scout a bit.  It seems that there is lots of potential for some crazy highballs in this area.  Some pictures below.

After the scouting, we headed back south to rendevous with Team New Paltz at Pottersville, AKA Hogwart's.  Lots of sending happened throughout the day and the last climb we tried was Murph's crazy highball problem...still standing undone!  Sick find Kid!

Media Update:

 This boulder just off of Rt 73 has one sick line on it.

 View from Rt 73

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  1. SOOOO happy to see that one move problem go.. Looks quality.