Thursday, December 22, 2011

Sunday December 4, 2011: Nine Corners Lake

In the past few months, I have had more bouldering sessions at Nine Corners Lake than I have combined over the past few years of bouldering.  A majority of the resurgence of psych for my local area came about earlier in the year when I began organizing the outdoor bouldering competition that took place in early September.

Nine Corners bouldering has always been special to me and after the past few months, I have come to realize that it always will.  On Sunday December 4, 2011 I headed into Nine Corners solo style to check out some problems that were put up last year over at Stonehenge.  One problem in particular called "Diversion" is a rad looking boulder problem invloving a dyno to a poor pinch followed by a heinous mantle that D. Buzzelli put up last year.  I wasn't able to stick the first dyno move but I was able to figure out the cruxy mantle finish.  Much appreciation for what the 'old man Buzzy established last season...the boulder problem is very complex for such a short line.

Media Update:

The Plate Boulder: "Leave it to Beaver", "Pissed Off", "Froggy Style", "Diversion", "Lip Service"

A close up the lower portion of "Diversion"

A nice, new boulder problem

A different view of the new boulder problem

"Lobster Claw" -V5...FA Ken Murphy circa 2008

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