Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays...

To anyone who does actually read my blog, I appologize for not wishing you and a safe and happy holiday before I had a short leave from work (the office I work for completely closed down for the week in between Christmas and New Year's for a Christmas bonus for all of its' employees)...which was freakin SWEET!

I was able to sneak out and climb for a bit, especially later in the week when the seasonably WARM weather rolled in for the start of 2012.  The beginning of the week was plagued however with car trouble that kept me held up at home for Tuesday December 27 and Wednesday the 28th.  I spent those two days stripping my home climbing wall so I could rearrange all of my climbing holds as well as spending a few hours carving some new hold prototypes for Black Swan Holds out of Texas.  Thursday it was back to outdoor climbing and basically anything else I felt like doing since I had the week off. 

No real New Year's resolutions this year...I feel like I have been pretty much on track and since the Hueco trip is fast approaching, my training has been pretty extensive.

Well good on ya' mates and here's a brief media update from the past week...

Media Update:

Adam Cohn on "Fen Fen"
Mike Cohn on "Fen Fen"

Adam Cohn on "Ocean of Air"

Bill on "Kim Novak"

The infamous Speed Boulder and "Big Big Love"

Another view of the Speed Boulder

The dyno move on "Castelette"

Sullivan on the backside of the Speed Boulder on a steep/juggy problem

Sticking the dyno on "Castelette"-V9

Sullivan overlooking the Res.

The texture of the Speed Boulder...some design ideas for future holds

Roof jug set for Black Swan Holds

Stalactite prototype for Black Swan Holds


  1. Where the heck is that Speed boulder?
    Also, sick new shapes man! Keep them coming

  2. what is the speed boulder? How about what is speed of life and I heard about a steep block in GB - is it true?

    Too funny

  3. Merry Christmas Jut an Happy New Year to you and all. Great post like always.I am up for sum winter bouldern would love to get out with some people.Maybe even Lincoln Woods through me a line people some time I'll do the same.Peace