Thursday, January 12, 2012

Fear not...Still climbing a bunch

So the amount of climbing has not changed this winter season.  The only difference is that we now are traveling on the weekends to climb wherever there is dry rock and preference always go to where there is no snow either, both a bonus this time of year!  After work sessions are now limited to home wall training sessions and climbing sessions at "The Edge" in Halfmoon NY...which by the way, if you haven't been yet, you are definately missing out on some serious fun!  Always a good atmosphere, tons on variation in the problems, and everyone is really psyched and always trying hard and pushing their own personal limits.

Under four weeks now until I head down to the infamous Hueco Tanks Texas with a few friends for what I am hoping will be an epic week long climbing rendevous!  Speaking of Hueco, this little fellow just had his first session of the 2012 season down there today...good on ya mate, we'll be there before you know it.

Warning:  These are classic photos, never before seen by the public.  Taken Labor Day 2010 at the Good Luck Lake trailhead.  We both sent "Push"- 5.12c that day, so psyched!

Style points for I miss the Subaru

Slack Jaw like a mo' fo'

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