Friday, February 3, 2012

Last thoughts before Hueco...

It's official, I am boarding a plane tomorrow morning to head down to the infamous Hueco Tanks for a week long bouldering trip.  I have every intention of going against what everyone has recommended and try to boulder every day that I am there...that's right, my goal is to go 6 days on without a rest day.  I figure I can rest the entire week after I get back so why waste my time down there resting.  My muscles will be sore, my skin will be shot, but that psych level and adrenaline does something very powerful to the body and mind.

Tomorrow begins my Hueco introduction and destiny...stay tuned for daily blog updates and please post up some comments if your reading along from back home. (Kyle, I know I can count on you for a comment or two...always appreciated man!)

Some things the kid might see/encounter down in "The Tanks"


  1. Have fun command center! Excitied to see some pics featuring you, icer, and the kid!

    PmK HaTeR

  2. Even chuck norris had to go one day on one day off in hueco. He knew what she wanted.