Monday, February 27, 2012

Triple Right

This past Sunday, the crew headed south to New Paltz to revisit an area I hadn't been back to in almost three years...for some of the guys, this would be there first visit to an area known as "Triple Right".  I was pretty excited to get back there to repeat some great lines that I had already done previously as well as try some boulder problems that had shut me down beforehand.

It was yet another atypical February day in New Paltz with abundant sunshine, seasonably warm temperatures, and energy levels through the roof.  Everyone had an excellent day on the boulders, Pooler exerted more effort than I have ever seen, Banta was on an absolute tear, Sully was straight mean muggin as he wrote off boulder problem after boulder problem, and PT was slowly working through his hangover as the day unfolded.  Unfortunately I did not clock any new sends on this trip but progress was made on one of my projects down there called "Didactic Tactics".  I spent far too much energy refiguring out the start sequence but am confident that I can send on the next visit.

Watching all the guys absolutely crush and just enjoy the nice weather was pretty invigorating.  I am really pumped as spring approaches.  There is tons of climbing to be done and lots of new areas to see this year.  Good on ya's to 2012! 


  1. The unknown dyno is a problem called "Triple Double Trouble."