Thursday, April 12, 2012

Blog Post Number 100...

So this is officially blog post number 100 for the Southern Adirondack Climber.  What better media to feed the masses than some quality High Definition Video from Murph and Jobi on their epic road trip across the United States to sample some of the best bouldering our nation has to offer...and oh yeah, a nice little compliation of some of the boulder problems that I was able to topout down in Hueco Tanks while visiting them.  Murph, Jobi trust that all of us back home are living vicariously through your climbing travels...keep killing it and keep us posted as you move forward!!!

Media Update:  Compliments on MSdubs007 via Youtube


  1. Thanks for posting the awesome videos! They definitely make me want to get outside and travel around. When do we get to see you on one of those Bishop highballs?