Thursday, July 12, 2012

Rock and Ice: Issue #204, "Big Dacks"

Some of you may remember me talking about a photo shoot I did last October with a photographer named Tomas Donoso ( for a potential article in the climbing magazine Rock and Ice that would be featuring climbing and bouldering in the Adirondack Park. 

After much anticipation....

Media Update:


  1. Great article your in rockandice how f!@kn cool is that. You totally deserve it Jut.That one boulder is at Pine Lake not Caroga that has Shadow of a doubt on it that massive on right.Peace

  2. Thanks Kyle! Yeah, Shadow of a Doubt in on the Pine Lake Boulder right before the Nine Corner Lake trailhead. We're going to be at the Green Lake Boulders tonight, lanterns and all for a few hours, get out for a session if you can!

  3. Wish I could I am taking the little man to the drive ins tonight.I went there this last past Monday late after noon I did a variation of that crimp rial start.I used that for a left and the crimp to the right you use for the sit then went to the high pocket to the right.Then came in left up above that to the angled edge then straight up.Probably has been done though? You guys have a great night I just was txtn with Ben about getting out Sunday if anyone else is interested and weather permits PEACE.

  4. Look at you, Jut! Doing big things! This is awesome!!