Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Excessive chalk is getting a Bit Old !!!

Yet another unfortunate thread found online regarding excessive chalking and tick marks on boulders in the Adirondacks.  If you happen to see a climber marking hand and foot holds with colored sidewalk chalk, do us all a favor and slap it out of their hands!  I have seen it on boulders at Nine Corners Lake and now the below post concerning McKenzie Pond in Saranac Lake, NY.



  1. Hey man, I've met you before in Barrington. I'm headed to Nine Corners for the first time this weekend with some friends. We'll bring out some big brushes to clean things up a bit. Printed your guide as well. Thanks for that! Any updates or tips you want to throw my way? Cheers

  2. Hey buddy, Nine Corners should be prime this weekend! Nine Corners has been looking good lately, the lack of rain was really exaggerating the amount of chalk on some climbing holds but some recent rain should help that. Also, someone was mistakingly using sidewalk chalk to mark key holds...a harmless mistake that just needs to be terminated.

    Enjoy the bouldering and let me know how the session went, I will be at some cliffs in the neighboring forests this weekend working on some climbs.