Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Saturday July 21, 2012

You guess it, another trip into Lost Hunter's Cliff.  The SAC crew was rolling especially deep on Saturday with visits from out-of-towners Kennith D. Murphy, Jobi, and Timmy along with the usual Lost Hunters crew; Mitch, Jai, Sullivan and myself.  Also in for a full day of action were some SAC crew members who had never seen the cliff before...Banta, Des and Kris.

Saturday was especially nice.  The temperature and humidity was lower than it has been recently and we still hadn't had any rain, this meant that all of the established routes at Lost Hunters would be dry so I was especially psyched.  If I have learned one thing over the past two months and over 8 trips into this cliff, it is how to accept defeat and to continue to treat each non-sending session as a learning experience. 

I unfortunately walked away yet again with none of my projects ticked off but....
  •  I was surrounded by close friends for an entire beautiful sunny day
  •  I was able to get to a new high point on both of my projects (fell off of the upper jug on "Buck Fever", two hand movements away from the victory ledge)
  • I cleaned two new routes and got to install some more top anchors
  • I got to witness one of the most inspiring sends I have seen in person to date
  • I got to watch various SAC crew members make progress on all of there projects
  • I got to enjoy a post session swim in Chub Lake as the sun set over Sherman Mountain
Despite no new sends, i'll have to chalk this past Saturday up as a victory.

Media Update:


  1. no comment on the kid crushing? What gives, good on ya Murh


  2. Like a boss for sure. The kid is really fit after all his road-tripping and non stop climbing. Watch out for this fall, should be epic!

  3. Another great day at Lost Hunters! The cliff is legit! Thanks for the video buddy, looks awesome. Deet the kid