Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Stonehenge Area at Nine Corners Lake

Before my voluntary leave from outdoor bouldering, I was able to enjoy a few solo bouldering sessions at Nine Corners Lake.  I focused on the Stonehenge area since it typically sees far less traffic than the main bouldering set and because I haven't sessioned over there in quite some time.

If you're ever at Nine Corners and are looking for some new(er) boulder problems, the Stonehenge area is about 300 yards east of the Nick Stoner boulder.  Follow the water's edge away from the rip rap damn that you cross to access the boulder fields and the boulders will be visible in about a 5 minute walk.

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  1. I've never seen the boulders over at Stonehenge, it looks like they are worth checking out. Any potential for new boulder problems over there?

    1. There are a few untouched boulders over at Stonehenge, plus the potential to add numerous moderate problems on the boulders that already have some climbs on them. With some time and effort, Stonehenge could have a bouldering circuit comparable to the main set at Nine Corners (excluding the wall boulder of course, that boulder is absolutely awesome and nothing else compares to it in the immediate area!) Have fun out there and keep me posted on any new development, thanks!