Thursday, February 7, 2013

Boulders at Nine Corners You've Probably Never Seen...

This past Sunday, I went up to Nine Corners Lake to continue my GPS work for boulder locations and mapping out the boulder field(s) for the Adirondack Bouldering Guidebook which is in the works and will take the remainder of 2013 (at a minimum) to finish.  Jim Lawyer and Jeremy Haas, the co-authors of "Adirondack Rock" have given me their blessing on this project and have offered numerous resources to help move the project along- thanks guys!

While up at Nine Corners, I decided to venture away from the main bouldering sets to head deeper into the woods and revisit some random glacial erratics that I had found and climbed on some 3-4 years ago.  A few fun boulder problems were established when I initially found them but there was no real effort to fully develop the new boulder set back then; mainly because I didn't have the vision that I do now for new boulder problems and potential variations.  From what I saw on Sunday, this "new set" of boulders can have anywhere from 20-30 new boulder problems when the development is all said and done this spring.  Stay tuned for updates!!!

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  1. WHOA! Are these mostly clustered together, or spread out?

    1. Zac- there are three distinct "sets" of boulders all within 150 yards of one another. Once we get some decent weather i'll have to show you, Andrew and Heather the "newness"! Hope everything is going well!