Friday, February 8, 2013

Don't think I forgot about these boulders...

Despite the snow accumulation expected for today and tomorrow, I am still very anxious to get back outside to try some of the numerous projects and untouched boulder problems and routes that I left at the end of the fall 2012 season. 
Last Fall, we were having an unusually wet season, so I decided to head north to finally explore the expansive talus fields along Route 73 in Keene Valley, NY.  After only a few hours of exploration, the crew had located three main bouldering areas with over 50 boulder problems worth putting the time and effort to clean them for climbing.  I have not been back since that initial visit, but this spring, the boulder fields by Round and Chapel pond will see their fair share of climbing visits.
Below are some images that Josh Potter emailed me after he, Murph and the one and only David Buzzelli revisted the talus fields along Route 73 in Keene Valley, NY for a day of devlopment. 


  1. nice shots, look like some good problems here!

    1. Mike- there are going to be some real gems in this area. The best part is, all of the talus/boulder fields are on state land with more than enough parking and camping locations to accomodate numerous climbers. I will keep you in the loop as Spring approaches and we plan on heading in there for development. What's the weather been like in CT?

  2. Jut, psyched to see this pics. Keep me in the loop for trips in the spring. deet