Monday, July 29, 2013

Incredible New Line @ the "Marble Zone"

Take a step back to Saturday, May 4th.  Early that morning I had to call the guys to give them the unfortunate news that I was up all night, again with severe back spasms.  Kippy, Banta, Sully, Ron, and Pooler were all making the trek into the Marble Zone and I wasn't going to be able to make it to partake in the fun due to total exhaustion, again.

After a couple of hours of trying to loosen up that morning, I decided that I had to head into the woods to see what the guys were up to.  Upon arriving at the main bouldering area at the Marble Zone, I found Johnny Sullivan tethered to a rope cleaning the top out of one of the coolest lines any of us had seen to date in the area.  He looked down to where I sat for a quick rest and let me know that he could no longer feel his legs and that he'd been on the rope cleaning for nearly three straight hours!

This climb started under a short roof with hands matched on a large horizontal seam.  The first move was a big right hand move to a good hold, then advancing to a jug/undercling that would eventually get matched on before trying to turn the roof and climb the incut slots to the top of the 20 foot outcropping stone.  The top out proved to be trivial and on that first day, as Johnny took some thrilling falls, over and over again.

Fast forward to this past Saturday...the rock in the Adirondacks was finally relatively dry and the SAC crew was rolling deep.  Johnny brought his "A" game and ended up sending the boulder third try, claiming the first ascent of that I think is one of the best boulder problems at the Marble Zone and definitely creeps it's way into my top ten boulder problems in the Adirondacks!  Good on ya Johnny and congratulations on your send of "Pleasure Treasure"!!!

Climbing video to come in the VERY near future, but until then, here are some epic photos compliments of Keith Banta from Saturday...

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  1. Its a really fun boulder problem with a wide variety of climbing. It was definitely worth getting filthy on a rope. Much respect to Murph who found all these boulders and did the initial cleaning. Ahh Deet

  2. Get the vid up soon bud, I'm psyched to see how Pleasure Treasure climbs! Definitely can't wait to check out the Marble Zone myself this fall, lots of respect for all the discovery and cleaning, you guys are awesome.

    By the way, I thought that was Buzz in a couple photos, Sully is looking burly!

  3. Sick pictures! They really help bring the new area to life

  4. One of the sickest lines I have climbed. It just has a little bit of everything in it. Good work Sully. Psyched for ya!!