Thursday, July 25, 2013

Some Less Known Adk Boulder Problems

Is anyone else getting as excited as I am as the upstate New York weather has shifted from last week's relentless 90+ degree heat and high humidity to these much cooler and more crisp days this week?  The temperature this morning as I left for work was 56 degrees, damn man now that is some serious sending weather!

It has officially been five days since my last back spasm and although I am not ready to rush into any full day bouldering sessions on long hikes into remote cliffs with my haul bag, I have been slowly increasing the training on my home wall to get my fingers and core muscles back into climbing shape.  With conditions like yesterday and today, I am getting really anxious for the late summer/early fall sessions and don't want to fall behind.  August has five weekends this year and I plan on maximizing my time on the rock as the fall quickly approaches.

Here are some short videos highlighting some of the less known boulder problems in the Southern Adirondacks.  I established "Ass Dragger"- V7 at the Pinnacle Pull Off in Caroga Lake, New York back in 2005 and to my knowledge it hasn't seen any other ascents until recently when SAC crew member Ron Manning wrote off the thuggish boulder problem.  Good on ya, Ron! 

"Sledge"- V6/7 at the Marble Zone in Hope Falls, New York was established by the one and only Nyle Baker earlier this year (February-ish) when Ken Murphy was living under the impressive 45 degree wall, preparing all of the steep climbs for the rest of us Adirondack locals.  Thanks Murphy, the Mzone is a great addition to the park and thank you Nyle for establishing this fun/steep climb!

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  1. Crazy barn door on Ass Dragger! That climb looks really good i'll have to check it out sometime

  2. Deet buddy! Miss that cozy house under the 45! the kid has a ass drager ascent as well right after you back in 96 haha!

    pysched for late summer/fall as well