Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Crane Mountain Bouldering- New Video Edit

So I messed around for a little bit with various video editing software which resulted in the "choppy" video from Crane Mountain that was uploaded a few days ago.  Long story short and some wasted effort/time I am back to using my original editing software.  Here is the revised video from the first and second ascent of "Inner Ninja" with some additional footage on Rodney Manning laying the smack down on "Lip Service"- V6/7.  These are two three star boulder problems within 10 feet of one another on a massive glacial erratic.  So far, over 30 boulders have established problems on them at Crane and one can only wonder how many more problems lay waiting an ascent... 

The SAC crew will be heading back to Crane Mountain very soon to continue to verify established boulder problem grades, starting locations, and beta along with working on current projects and mapping out the entire boulder field.  Stay tuned as we progress with this massive Adirondack bouldering resource.  Deet!

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