Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Missing the Fall Conditions...

It' been over three weeks now with nothing but indoor plastic pulling and training.  I am hopeful that everyone was able to get their outdoor climbing fix in before all of this winter weather rolled in the spoiled all the fun!  My temperature gauge read -5 degrees this morning and the Jeep reluctantly started in the arctic conditions...time to train my friends, time to train...

In between recent home wall sessions and grueling hangboard work outs, I have been flipping through some of the media folders I had collected from this past fall; which in hindsight was one of the best autumns (weatherwise) that we have had here in the Adirondacks in the past four years.  I know the SAC crew was taking full advantage of it and I am glad that we did.  With the weather pattern the way that is has been, it might be a long time until we are out there developing again.  Oh how many undone projects I had to walk away from as 2013 was quickly coming to a close.  I will be thinking about each and every one of them as I try to improve my strength, stamina, technique and endurance this winter.

Good on ya mates, can't wait to get out there again (and hopefully soon)!  Last year we were able to boulder at Great Barrington right into mid-January.  Not the case this year...not the case this year.

Some archived photos from late fall, 2013.

Many more posts to come in the next few weeks.  I want to actively track my training schedule, progress and results.  What better place to do so than right here on the S.A.C.  Deet, daht!

Media Update

This is one sweet ass boulder problem at the Round Pond pull off on Rt. 73 in Keene Valley, near Chapel Pond.  I wasn't able to walk away with a send, but had a bunch of fun with Sully and Ron that weekend in Keene.  I am anxiously awaiting Spring to head back to these boulders to continue documenting problems for the Adirondack Bouldering Guidebook.  Tons of rock and all of it is on State Land!!!


  1. Yeah, dude. Glad that line's getting some action. Murph, Buzz and I did that thing last fall. Def one of the better lines in that sector. Did you check out the compression block up the hill to the right?

    1. Josh, that river block is soooo good! We checked out a few good lines in the immediate area but were pretty beat from bouldering the previous day at the Chapel Pond boulders. This zone is loaded with potential, but it is going to be extremely difficult to map for the guidebook. I need to spend numerous weekends up there to get everything right. Happy Holidays buddy!