Thursday, December 19, 2013

Some Personal Projects Left Undone for 2013

Here is a quick video collaboration of some of the better projects that I had to walk away from this past season.  If we could get a break in this winter weather, I might be able to write one or two of them off before the end of the calender year...

Anyone else have to walk away from a project leaving you to think about it every single day???

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  1. had to do that to the Prow problem at bradley, very torturing!

    1. Mike, good to hear from you man! Yeah bouldering can be very frustrating at times, but on those days when everything clicks it is one of the most rewarding sports as well. Have a great holiday season and keep training for the Spring. What are the conditions like in CT?

  2. God, Ive got lists of projects so long I fear there very existence! Fortune have it conditons are prime again in New Paltz after the recent string of warm weather. A fresh dusting of snow on the ground however, the boulders remain in good shape.

    Currently working of the CORKSCREW ROOF which is climbable no matter rain sleet or snow due to its sheltered nature.

    Soon as the snow melts up north, I have a couple projects from forever ago that will need to be addressed. Wells arete, Gnar wall, and Monster boulder.

    deet the kids on the streets.