Monday, January 6, 2014

The Endless Rock Around Lost Hunters...

I had the opportunity this weekend to do some more exploring around the infamous Lost Hunter's crag in the Caroga Lake Region.  I have seen these massive boulders on the approach to this back country cliff and have stood beneath most of them marveling at their steep terrain and features...just enough features in fact to make for some excellent and hard boulder problems.  Yesterdays snowshoe recon mission reconfirmed what I had already known; these boulders are big, these boulders have holds, the landings are decent and these boulders have never been climbed on!  All together I mapped out over a dozen house sized boulders with numerous smaller/satelite boulders and rock outcrops in the immediate area.  I even stumbled across two cliff bands that I have never seen before and I have been in this area over 30 times in the past two years. 

I would estimate that there are somewhere between 30-40 boulder problems on these untouched back country boulders and I have every intention of doing some preparation work to get them ready and climbable by the spring season.  The concentration of boulders makes the journey into this area worth the effort.  Once at the boulders, everything is in close proximity to one another.  The approach to these boulders dwarfs 90% of the current Adirondack Bouldering locations and takes roughly 45 minutes but in my opinion the next progression for Adirondack Bouldering will be found in the remote/back country zones. 

Here are some pictures to peak some interests, all of the boulders shown are a minimum of 20 feet tall for reference, I didn't post images of any of the "smaller" boulders that will still yield some great boulder problems.  Also, there is a 30' tall boulder by the main cliff itself that I also did not post...


  1. These boulders look promising! I am not sure if I would be psyched on the extended approach, especially for highball boulders with injury potential deep in the Adirondack Park but to each his own. Keep us in the loop with any development out there. Thanks!

  2. 45mins is not bad. Good for hardman fitness. I mean, you cannot complain about an approach until you do a mt evans or lincoln lake approach. good find! hard to find the steepness in the park. im going to be nomading it for a month in the spring, be syked to scrub up some gems with ya. keep it up.

    1. Brian- I agree, the approach isn't bad at all but would make for some tough day trips lugging in multiple crash pads on a roundtrip voyage. I am anticipating a handful of long weekends back at this collection of boulders and most of the gems should be established after that. Drop me a line when you're around and we'll head in to check them out.

  3. Replies
    1. Dope for sure, untouched and full of potential!

  4. I have stood under the block in the first two pictures. It is a stunning boulder great potential. Bummer it is at the top of the long hill. The second roof picture actually has quick clip anchors on top. It's a fun roof problem not at all typical of the 'Dax. There is some potential below Mcmartin and def walk up and right from the annex for some big blocks.