Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Climberism #22 and some SAC Coverage!!!

Recently, David Crothers over at Climberism (The Northeast Climbing Magazine) out of Vermont reached out to me regarding developing new boulders within the Adirondack Park and asked if I would be willing to write a brief article about the efforts involved for their upcoming magazine addition.

I thought long and hard about all of the development that has gone on in the past decade or so in the Southern Adirondacks and one boulder in particular really stood out.  The Prison Boulder in Caroga Lake was "unearthed" back in 2009 and it lead to a month long development spree where classic problem, after classic problem were established.  The crew was meeting at the boulder every evening after work to sneak climbing sessions in and shortly after this initial development effort, the one and only Kennith Murphy returned to add the sit start to the Luck of the Irish, naming it Pot of Gold - which still stands as one of the most difficult boulder problems in the Adirondack State Park.

Read more about the Prison Boulder and Murph's Pot of Gold through the Climberism website, here:



  1. Hey Jut,
    Taylor here, where in Caroga lake is this boulder at...It looks awesome.

    1. Hey Taylor...this boulder is right across the road from the Caroga Lake Marina. It sits just to the north of a large rock outcrop on the side of the road, maybe 100 yards from the edge of the pavement and slightly uphill. It is a high quality boulder!

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks Mike, I hope everything is going well!!!