Monday, August 25, 2014

Coitus at Snowy Mountain

This past weekend, I squeezed in a quick bouldering session with Keith Banta at the Snowy Mountain Boulders in Indian Lake. New York.  We traveled north hoping to find some drier conditions, but we were quickly disappointed when we arrived at the trail head parking and everything was still completely soaked.  Regardless, we ventured into the forest to at least see the boulders since we had already made the lengthy car ride to the north country.

Somehow we were able to climb at least a little bit on the boulders and we even managed to salvage a send of "Coitus".  I guess it takes these types of frustrating sessions where everything is soaking wet and the conditions are miserable to take a step back and to enjoy every little detail that makes up this enjoyable sport/hobby.  Each move on the problem progressively got drier and better as the day progressed and in time, we had remastered the movements on this classic line that we have both done dozens of times.  It was refreshing to be out despite the elements and I am eagerly awaiting the prime fall conditions in the Adirondacks.

Does anyone else absolutely love this boulder problem???

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