Tuesday, November 18, 2014

100 Point Day at Nine Corners Lake

It is hard to believe that only a week ago it was warm, sunny and perfect climbing conditions in the now snow covered and sub-freezing temperatures of Nine Corners Lake.  Looking back on the past few months, I have spent some quality time bouldering at Nine Corners, getting back into bouldering shape, developing callused finger tips and working on my overall conditioning as the winter training season was quickly approaching.

Two weeks ago I was bouldering with Keith Banta and Johnny Sullivan and in the last hour of our session I was able to quickly send a slew of moderate and difficult boulder problems.  This end of the session performance got me psyched to challenge myself again at the elusive 100 point session.  A couple of years ago both Kenny Murphy and I tallied up 100 v-points each in a one day bouldering session.  I remembered it being extremely taxing on the body and that both of us struggled to hit the final goal that day.  So, I was determined to give it a shot again...

My personal "rules" for the day's challenge from last Monday, November 10, 2014:

1.  Boulder Problems had to be V4 or harder
2.  Each problem could only be attempted (3) times, maximum
3.  The bouldering session would last only (4) hours
4.  If the 100 point goal was reached, I had to go swimming in the lake...

Enjoy the video compilation from that session....it highlights all (18) completed boulder problems

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