Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Outdoor Mileage

The other day I had another excellent outdoor mileage bouldering session at Moss Island in Little Falls, NY.  These rock outcrops along the Mohawk River become quite crowded during the nicer times of the year and sometimes resemble an indoor climbing gym with all of the climbing groups and top rope setups littering the cliff faces.  This transition period between winter and spring, however, you can easily get a high volume climbing outing in there without running into another single climber all day.

Moss Island is where I was introduced to rock climbing and is a place that I frequently return to when the weather and conditions are still not favorable for rock climbing within the Adirondack State Park.  I found myself searching for past climbing videos from this area online and found a neat documentary covering the rock formations on the island...I hope you find it to be informative andd enjoyable.

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