Tuesday, March 24, 2015

The Southern Adirondacks are sooooo Snowed In !!!

Today was a quick recon trip to the infamous Nine Corners Lake boulders in Caroga Lake, New York to try and gauge how much longer we have to wait for winter to let go of its' relentless hold over the climbing community.  To sum it up quite simply, we are literally weeks maybe even a solid months away from good, dry, snow free climbing conditions.  There is upwards of 36" of snow pack in the woods, the tops of the main boulders still hold an average of 24" and with the forecast of rain followed by more frigid temperatures, it won't take long for Nine Corners to turn into a sloppy mess.

On a positive note, it was cold enough today that nothing was melting so vertical and overhanging faces were dry enough to pull on some holds...but unfortunately nothing will be getting topped out until the snow recedes and Spring finally shows its' face.

It was evident today that the winter training has been working on my quick "bouldering circuit" in the sub-ideal conditions.  I was able to get to the snow-covered top outs on a handful of boulder problems on my first try on each climb:  Popadropalis, Try or Cry, Thorazine, The Origin, and Everything In.  All in all, not a terrible way to spend an hour or so this afternoon...

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  1. Hey!

    Thanks for all your info. I might have met you at Nine Corners in early April (when the snows were still deep), and I heard the ADK Bouldering Guidebook would be coming out in ~6 weeks. Any news?

    1. Still actively working on the guidebook...but it will definitely be going to the printers this summer slated for sales by August so people will have it for the prime fall 2015 season.

      Hope to see you out there again! Happy climbing