Thursday, April 23, 2015

Nine Corners Lake- Moving Meditation

Last week I was able to capitalize on some prime early spring conditions at Nine Corners Lake with a repeat of a boulder problem that I established back in 2010.  Moving Meditation- V6 is a highball face climb on the backside of the Tower Boulder that boasts some difficult crimp moves on a 25 ft. sheer face.

To my knowledge, only a handful of people have repeated the problem...I am hoping that this video will spark more interest so other climbers will get on it and enjoy the sequence as much as I do.

Media Update:


  1. Psyched to see a Moving Meditation vid! If I can pull myself away from Overburdened and Whip Tide for a bit I'll have to give that line a go. That last move looks frightening though, and big. Good climbing, bud!

    1. Andrew- Moving Meditation is definitely worth trying. It is pretty straight forward with a line of small crimps and edges up a tall, beautiful face. The last move is a bit spicy but I have fallen on that move to the lip in the past and surprisingly the landing zone is perfect. Nice and flat and wide enough for a big Organic Pad.