Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Thorazine Video Edit

Just an area classic and an excellent boulder problem.  Sending this problem numerous times in the same day for the video compilation sparks an excitement level for the fall season that I cannot describe in words.  I am anxiously waiting for some time off of work in October and the completion of the Adirondack Bouldering Guidebook so I can focus 100% on some lingering personal projects that I have at the local boulder fields.

Will all of the summer training pay off?  Can I finally break into that elusive double-digit boulder problem realm?  Can I climb multiple days on outdoors at my maximum level and avoid injuries?  Will some of these projects finally see an ascent?

Only time will tell, and that time is quickly approaching.  I know that I am psyched, really psyched and I hope everyone else is as excited as I am!

Happy Climbing...

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