Thursday, February 2, 2017

Winter Training: End of a 13-week power lifting circuit

  This week and the beginning of the month of February marks the completion of my 13-week power and strength training "circuit" that I began back on November 1, 2016.  Since beginning this circuit, my focus wasn't on my overall climbing shape and conditioning...the fall season ended early here in the northeast so instead my goal was to get as strong and as big as I possibly could over the winter while continuing to climb indoors on my home wall.  My goal was to continually get stronger and bigger while slowly allowing my body to adapt to climbing on a larger/heavier than normal frame.  

  Fast forward through the 13-week circuit and I would say that I was rather successful at getting bigger and stronger.  My bodyweight increased from 170.2 lbs to 186.5 lbs, all of my weight lifts increased (some pretty considerably in fact), my body measurements all increased, and I was able to continually climb indoors 2-3 times a week even at a heavier than normal climbing weight.  The added weight was most noticeable on smaller holds and crimps but on larger holds and pinches, the extra weight was not an issue.  Also, despite getting a little bit heavier each week, all of my added weight increments on the Nicros HIT Strip workout continued to increase so there was definitely something positive going on there in regards to finger strength.    

  Now, with the outdoor spring climbing season approaching, my goal is to become more lean, reduce some excess body weight and most importantly get my fingers as strong as possible for the upcoming season.  My training plan involves no more heavy weight training, high repetition body weight training circuits, a lot of cardio (4-5 times a week), selective nutrition and dieting, hangboarding, lock off training, HIT strip workouts, campus board workouts, and vigorous indoor climbing sessions.

  Stay tuned for updates on the training approach and successes/failures.  I am going to be utilizing my blog as the motivation to stay on track for my spring conditioning goals which I plan to achieve by April 1, I don't then I am the only FOOL to blame ha ha.  

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