Monday, March 6, 2017

Sunny February Day in Great Barrington, MA

  Last week I was able to make it out to "Reservoir Rocks" in Great Barrington, MA for a quality bouldering session with Ken Murphy.  I did have a boulder problem in mind; In Plain Sight (V8) that I was close to completing last fall but was cut short by early winter conditions.  The conditions were absolutely mint...sunny skies, upper 40's, slight breeze, low humidity.  Those are the type of climbing days that every climber dreams of being able to enjoy outdoors!

  Murph and I ran into some of his friends from various locations and in no time we had a solid crew working on various problems together all over the mountainside.  It was an extremely enjoyable session fulls of lots of laughs and sends...more importantly, all of my winter training has really started to pay off and I am already noticing significant improvements in finger strength, core strength, endurance, and power.  I have six more dedicated weeks of training until a trip out west to Joe's Valley in the middle of April.  SO, back to training!!!

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