Wednesday, March 7, 2012

20 Degree Sends at Nine Corners Lake

Here' s a quick video from some sending yesterday morning before my spinal injection appointment.  It was really cold outside but it prevented the snow from melting which would have made any climbing impossible and friction was ridicuously good...everything felt so much easier than in the summer months.  Enjoy...


  1. Sick winter sending man! Has that Gatekeeper Direct line been donw before? Similar in difficulty to the original "Gatekeeper"? If so, nice addition to the long list at Nine Corners

  2. Great post looking forward to seeing the non dab dragon turns.Really getting tired of plastic at this point so looking forward to getting out this weekend hopefully it is possible moisture depending that is Ben H will be back this Friday as well.Damn you make try or cry look so easy so motivating I probable should not just try it in the middle of summer either.Peace

  3. Kyle, we are getting much closer to climbable conditions up at Nine...Banta and I are going up there on Sunday to brush snow off of some boulders to help speed up the process. Try or Cry is all about taking the pain from the left hand crimps, you can definately send that boulder! Cool temps definately help. Thanks for the comments man