Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Early Spring Session @ Peters Kill

  This past Sunday was all about bright sunshine, warm weather, dry boulders, and a massive crew from the Southern Adirondack region heading south the the Minnewaska State Park and "Peters Kill".  I had mentioned to some friends from New Paltz that we might have an entourage traveling down from the north country to sneak some bouldering in and by mid afternoon, my prediction was pretty accurate.  It was great to see that so many locals from the Adirondacks and "The Edge" had all made the journey to savor some of New Paltz's fine boulder problems.

  I drove down with Banta and his monster dog "Buddy", we were followed by Kreesh, his girlfriend Des and Sully.  Pooler was already enroute with his dog "Stanley", Greg Stone AKA Stonemaster and Josh Potter weren't far behind, followed by Mr. Kyle Biel and Casey, and rounded out with an appearance by Corey.  All of us northerners were welcomed by the local Cohn brothers, Mike and Adam and the P man himself, Mike Pianca.  The psych level was high and a bunch of sending took place throughout the day.

  Big shout out to Kreesh...we all heard a horrific sound when his feet cut loose on "Village Idiot" with his left fingers still slotted in the small incut seam.  The popping sound was one that is all too familiar and something you never want to see happen to a fellow climber.  I got word today from Banta that the doctor's diagnosis was a full rupture of Kreesh's A2 tendon...two months without climbing...I hope the road to recovery is quick my friend!

  On a more positive note, the weather has been surreal for this early in the spring season and if it keeps up, the Southern Adirondack crew will have to return the tour favor to the New Paltz crew with a showcase of the Snowy Mountain Boulders, Nine Corners, or Pottersville AKA Hogwart's.  It's up to you guys, just let me know.

Brief Media Update:  Hide the women and children, those are in fact real life Cones...


  1. Man, i definately saw the cones at 1:40 into the video ha ha, nice!

  2. Holy shit dude that so sucks about Kreesh's tendon it was loud that so sucks man time to work on on that core like a mad man.Peace bud