Tuesday, March 27, 2012

HD Video from Snowy Mountain

To all of the SAC followers...I have a plethora of footage and photos from the past two weeks thanks to all of the ridiculous weather that we have been having.  The focus from the past two weeks has been outdoor bouldering sessions at Snowy Mountain in Indian Lake, New York as well as my favorite bouldering spot Nine Corners Lake in Caroga Lake, New York.

What little snow we did have from this so called winter is not completely out of the woods, opening the door for some quality early spring bouldering sessions.  Get out there and enjoy before the bugs make their move.

This quick video is my first HD video.  Usually I just output the file to MPG to help reduce the file size and make uploading them onto Youtube much easier/quicker.  If the HD quality is something that everyone desires, please post a comment so I can make necessary adjustments in future videos.

Thanks and enjoy!

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