Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Second Pond Development: August 2013

As promised, but slightly behind schedule...some video coverage of the SAC crew's recent weekend of development at Second Pond in Saranac Lake, New York. This three day weekend was packed full of good times and great sends between close friends.

I got to watch my utility float sink in the middle of the lake with all of my gear for the weekend (including cameras, cell phone and GPS unit), most of the items were successfully retrieved, a 12.5' telescoping aluminum ladder is still somewhere on the lake's bottom (Pooler thanks for trekking back with me to retrieve my gear!). Keith Banta bouldered despite the fact that he had knee surgery scheduled two days after the trip; Kippy tried harder than ever before and actually topped out a slew of boulder problems in his typical 'ninja' style. Ron Manning brought his "A" game on his first ever trip to the Second Pond boulders...he snagged a sweet first ascent and nearly sent a project of mine in a handful of tries until loss of skin on his digits deterred anymore attempts. Brad was back out to boulder after taking an extended break due to an ankle injury at Snowy Mountain. He also picked up a burly first ascent on the trip. Johnny Sullivan tried every boulder problem like he meant business and was able to successfully send his project from last year on his first try this trip. The psych for this "new" bouldering area continues to rise as we unearth more and more potential.  Stay tuned for a return trip and more updates within the next few weeks.

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  1. Looks great, thanks for sharing. When is the next planned trip to Second Pond? Willing to offer up a tour of the established problems?